Pilot's Descent: Vera· Force of Nature. New Combatant Arrives!

Ling Updated At 2023-11-28 13:25:14

Dear Commander,

The NEW DESTROYER COMBATANT - Vera· Force of Nature is arrived! The exclusive event: Pilot's Descent will begin on November 29th~


Event Period: November 29th 05:00 - December 6th 05:00


1. Deep Sea Prayer:

During that time period, the overall Vera· Force of Nature drop rate increased!


2. Special Tasks:

Commanders can finish time-limited tasks to obtain exclusive recruitment coupons, compcore and rare resources. 


3. Exclusive Fate Biography:

Vera’s fate biography will be unlocked when commanders obtain Vera·Force of Nature. By completing story mode, commanders can get the exclusive implant. By doing the challenging mode, commanders can obtain Anima Chip: Force of Nature and other rare resources.


4. Merc Frenzy:

During the event, three new limited-time Mercenary Frenzy stages will be unlocked, and commanders can participate by using Time-Limited Search Permit. By challenging these stages within the event time, Commanders have the chance to obtain Vera's exclusive implant.


5. Rewind Crystal

Commander can obtain crystals through daily tasks, compcore purchasing, and gift pack acquisitions. 

During the event, the broken rewind crystal will be repaired during specific periods. Commanders can donate crystal shards during this period. Each Crystal Shard donated will grant a random reward and the corresponding donation score.

The higher the score, the higher the ranking. The system will send the corresponding ranking rewards via mail after the event ends.

Crystal Shards can only be obtained during the event and will disappear after the event ends.