Developer Feedback Vol.1 Dec

Ling Updated At 2023-12-08 03:17:38

Dear Commander,

We have received feedback and suggestions from everyone across various platforms and channels since the 1st playthrough began. The operations and development teams are committed to continuously optimizing the game, bringing more exciting content to all players. Therefore, we have decided to introduce this channel to consistently share our subsequent optimization and development plans with our loyal player community.


Current Concerns: Many players have completed the 1st playthrough story, and there is a lack of new story content.

Developer Feedback: New content for the second playthrough is set to be updated this week. To enter the second playthrough, servers must be open for 22 days, and players who have cleared Covert Ops Chapter 13 can choose to enter the 2nd playthrough.

The new playthrough will introduce exclusive events, new world story chapters, four SS combatants added to the recruitment pool, new Area Rebuild, Field Recon, and HoloSim Challenge, along with the Keepsake star-up feature.

Progress: will be updated within the week


Current Concerns: Obtaining the Perfect Skill Code is too difficult and P2W.

Developer Feedback: We are developing an exclusive PVE gameplay that provides skill code upgrade materials and Perfect Skill Code as rewards. Players can enhance their strength by challenging this gameplay.

Progress: In development, planned for completion soon.


Current Concerns: The mid-game lacks engaging content.

Developer Feedback: A new battle gameplay is in development. Players can strategically assemble teams and manually challenge the virtual opponents who simulate the top players in your server, overcoming power gaps to achieve victory.

Progress: In development, planned for completion soon.


Current Concerns: Resources are scarce in the mid-game, especially for F2P players who find it challenging to obtain desired modules for their teams.

Developer Feedback: We are developing a new adventure gameplay where players can explore to accumulate resources, including advanced modules, to enhance their team's strength.

Progress: In development, planned for completion soon.


Current Concerns: The Club system lacks relative gameplays.

Developer Feedback:

1.     Exclusive PVE gameplay for clubs is in planning, testing the club manager's management skills by assigning members to challenge bosses and earn more rewards.

2.     Exclusive GVG gameplay for clubs is also in planning, allowing club managers to lead members in challenging other clubs to win glory and rewards.

Progress: In planning


Current Concerns: Lack of real-time PVP gameplay and challenges lacking strategic depth.

Developer Feedback:

1.     We are developing a real-time PVP gameplay that includes regular real-time PVP and may introduce a real fair real-time PVP arena. In the real fair real-time PVP arena, all character attributes will be the same, allowing players to freely arrange different teams and win through strategy and operation. This will be a seasonal gameplay, with rules changing each season.

2.     Completing this large gameplay is a time-consuming task. Before introducing seasonal PVP gameplay, we need to address existing balance issues and skill bugs, which will be fixed in upcoming continuous patches.

Progress: In planning


Current Concerns: The game lacks voiceovers, and the immersive experience is insufficient.

Developer Feedback: Voiceovers for the game are currently in production, including early guidance stages, CG video, and exclusive character voiceovers during development, combat, and display.

Progress: In planning


Current Concerns: Insufficient participation feel during holiday events.

Developer Feedback: Christmas event planning is underway to create a more engaging and active holiday gameplay. And we will try our best to make the event suitable for more players.

Progress: In planning


Current Concerns: Some old features and gameplay experiences are subpar or lack difficulty.

Developer Feedback:

1.     In response to player feedback regarding the lack of difficulty and strategy in the speed mode of HoloSim Challenge, we will optimize it in subsequent versions.

2.     In response to player feedback regarding the Special Training, issues such as excessive options, less challenging for well-developed teams, and insufficient strategy, will also be part of the optimization in future versions.

Progress: In planning


The above is all the content provided in this developer feedback. We hope that this information can address any recent questions you may have and look forward to seeing you next time. Additionally, we welcome players to continue providing feedback and suggestions through various platforms and channels. We will continue to make adjustments to the game, aiming to enhance the gaming experience for our players.