Adjustments to Implants System

Ling Updated At 2024-01-25 12:13:25

Dear Commander

We will make some adjustments to the implant cultivation system. Here is the details


1. Adjust the Star-up system: Now, apart from exclusive implants, other implants can no longer be upgraded using materials. When Commanders boost implants, the implants have a probability of being upgraded.


2. Added a new boost material item: [Inertium Stabilizer]. This item can be used for boosting. When successfully boosted with this item, Star-up has an additional 10% probability. Multiple items can be stacked to enhance the Star-up probability.


3. The extra star stat of implants is random now, and four new stat (DMG Increase, DMG Mitigation, CRIT DMG Mitigation, Gene Power Increase) have been added. Some implants have had some stat removed. If the implants acquired by the Commanders include stat that has been removed, that specific stat will be changed.


4. A new development system called "Overclock" has been introduced for SS implants and exclusive implants. It involves the use of Low-Resistance Capacitor Crystals and High-Resistance Capacitor Crystals to enhance the extra star stat of normal implants and central implants, respectively. Each extra star stat can be overclocked twice, resulting in a 50% and 25% increase in the corresponding extra star stat (the second Overclock will consume more Overclock materials). The total times of Overclocks for an implant cannot exceed its current star level.


5. If our Commander is dissatisfied with the allocation of the Overclock stat, you can reset the Overclock at any time and reallocate without any loss during the process.


6. Commanders now have the freedom to choose the extra star stat during the Star-up process. If a wrong stat is selected or if the chosen stat is unsatisfactory, Commanders can use the "Re-select" option on the booster interface to choose the desired stat. (Note: Resetting Star-up stat requires resetting the Overclock properties of the implant first.)


7. Now, Commanders can exchange a Set Implant Select Box by collecting 100 implant shards during Merc Frenzy and Dimension Assault (allowing the selection of a random implant part from one Class Set Implant you choose).


8. The Merc Store has added Lethargic Gold Stabilizers and Set Implant Selector II for exchange.