Exclusive Implants Introduction 1

Ling Updated At 2023-12-12 11:52:37

[Exclusive Implants Introduction 1]


Have you heard the news? Lately, Victor has got a batch of top-notch goods, and these already advanced implants have been further modified by Victor to better suit the characteristics of combatants, significantly enhancing their combat capabilities. These combatant-limited implants, due to their exclusive customization, cannot be equipped by others. Victor calls them "Exclusive Implants." You must not miss the opportunity to obtain these implants; they come with powerful attributes and special effects. 


Here's some intelligence on exclusive implants compiled by Leyva.


Currently, the quality of exclusive implants is the highest tier, marked in red. They can only be used by the designated combatant, and the position for each combatant's exclusive implant is fixed. Exclusive implants can trigger the set effects of the class set and carry special effects to boost certain skills of the combatant. 


Taking the example of Taki· Seiryu's exclusive implant, when  Taki· Seiryu equips Scales Micro Control- Normal lll - Seiryu, he increases 1 hit while using Ult. This effect continues to strengthen as the exclusive implant reaches level 6. 


It's worth mentioning that the initial star level of exclusive implants is three stars, with three bonus attributes. Special exclusive implant star-up materials are also required to increase the star level.

Way to Obtaining Exclusive Implants:

1. Limited-time Events

2. [Secret]Mercenary Frenzy. 

The [Secret] Mercenary Frenzy is available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and Combatant can participate by using the Confidential Search Permit.

3. Abyss Battle.

Abyss Battle opens regularly every Sunday. 


Different implants have different sources, so please carefully discern before entering the challenge dungeons. 

Additionally, Combatants who wish to obtain exclusive implants, don't forget to purchase the Confidential Search Permit and Abyss Battle Privilege to increase your chances!