Exclusive Implants Introduction 2

Ling Updated At 2023-12-14 11:30:18

Welcome to Leyva's Exclusive Implant Class, Episode 2!

Today, we delve into the Abyss Battle. What implants can commanders get from this gameplay? What unique attribute will they have?

Every Sunday, Commanders can enter the Abyss Battle and explore the battlefield where bosses respawn at certain fixed times. Abyss Battle rewards surpass regular Dimension Assault, offering Class Implant Chests and additional exclusive implant boxes based on contributions of defeating bosses.


Each Commander has a 1% chance of directly obtaining an exclusive implant when opening each exclusive implant box and accumulated opening 96 boxes of the same name guarantees the acquisition of one.


Different bosses drop various exclusive implants. Defeating the boss located in the central map area, Rosa, allows you to obtain an exclusive implant selection box. Commanders can choose from Assault, Destroyer, Tank, and Support implant boxes based on their preferences.

The four bosses occupying the corners of the map drop implant boxes corresponding to their respective classes. For instance, defeating the boss Rik·Skytroope will yield the SS-tier combatant -Rik·Raiden's exclusive implant box.

Remember to purchase Abyss Battle Privilege for a 100% ranking reward boost (The effect lasts until the next day's refresh), and it will also be valid for the regular Dimension Assault on the day of purchase.


Let's introduce the current exclusive implants available:


EMT·Normal IV·Neuromancer - Leyva·Neuromancer's exclusive implant, the set effect is compatible with EMT, enhances Leyva's multi-hit output. With a chance to inflict armor break on each attack, stacking above 5 triggers a vulnerable status, reinforcing Leyva's debuff capabilities.


Executioner·Normal IV·Zangetsu - Saki·Zangetsu's exclusive implant, the set effect is compatible with Executioner. Zangetsu is a combatant who relies on multiple successive attacks to quickly apply armor break to individual enemies. Her exclusive implant enhances the probability of her skill's pursuit, thereby stabilizing her damage output. This also ensures that enemies accumulate more stacks of armor break, increasing the damage they receive.


Scales Micro Control·Normal IV·Raiden - Rik·Raiden's exclusive implant, the set effect compatible with Scales Micro Control. Raiden's Thunder Blade increases critical rate and adds a damage bonus to his attacks. His early-game combat capabilities are formidable. However, Raiden loses one layer of Thunder Blade per turn, and in situations where both sides are evenly matched, his deficiency in sustainable output may be exposed. The exclusive implant helps Raiden avoid this awkward situation, preserving his long-term output capacity.


Impedance Array·Normal IV·Duke Silver - Candido·Duke Silver's exclusive implant, the set effect compatible with Impedance Array, enhances Duke Silver's defensive abilities. Before equipping this implant, Duke Silver can only provide DMG Immunity through the 3rd stage Ult. Now, this implant not only strengthens the DMG Immunity stats but also allows the 1st and 2nd stage Ult skills to receive half of DMG Immunity effect. It provides flexibility in timing Duke Silver's Ult release, reinforcing in-battle strategy.