Game Guide: Ghost Hunt

Ling Updated At 2024-02-06 09:52:03

Ghost Hunt is a new PvE gameplay mode that commanders can participate in after reaching the 2nd playthrough. You can access the gameplay entrance through Traverse.


To reiterate, the levels of all combatants will be standardized to level 50. Only the combatants' original Star-up attribute bonuses, existing Skill Codes, Implant's Set Skills, and Modules will be retained. As depicted in the picture, Computing Power will replace the original BR in Ghost Hunt, and the Total CP value reflects the combat power of the commander lineup in the gameplay.


In Ghost Hunt, unlocking each map will open a limited-time Keepsake Warehouse. For example, in the first map, commanders can enter Fenrir's Vault to obtain limited Keepsakes. The Phantom Coins produced in the gameplay can be used to redeem Limited Fusion Molecules for drawing the limited Keepsakes. Commanders, please don’t miss the opportunity to acquire precious Keepsakes!


There are two ways to increase CP within this gameplay: Superconductive Amplifier and Phantom Shuttle. The Superconductive Amplifier can improve the basic attributes of each combatant in the team, while the Phantom Shuttle can enhance more advanced attributes such as Gene Power and SPD. The materials for upgrading equipment come from your AFK time. The longer the time, the more materials you obtain. Of course, materials can also be acquired by challenging levels, and the amount obtained per minute will increase with each level.


In addition to the two methods of CP improvement mentioned above, commanders can also gain powerful enhancements through the Enhance Buff Store. The buffs are divided into DMG bonus, DoT bonus, Survival bonus, and Boss Mastery. Please note that activating each subsequent buff will cost more Energy Points than the last activation. However, don’t worry about making the wrong choice because resetting is completely cost-free. Commanders can reset the buff selection multiple times to experiment with different lineups.